Top tourist attraction

The Henri Willig cheese dairies/farms are a popular attraction for both tourists and tour operators and are, therefore, always included in the tour many tourists take when they are visiting North Holland. The quintessentially Dutch atmosphere of the location, the craft demonstration and the tasting that concludes the visit always guarantees a successful excursion. Moreover, there is always plenty to see and experience in the area surrounding Henri Willig’s farms. This makes it easy to include a visit in a daytrip and to combine the visit with other activities.

Our cheesefarms

Alida Hoeve

Jacobs Hoeve

Catharina Hoeve

Our cheese shops

Cheese Shop Westermarkt

Henri Willig Singel - Cheese shop & museum

Henri Willig Delft

Henri Willig shop & lunchroom Warmoes

The Kaaskelder

Amsterdams Kaashuis

Kaaswaag Edam

Specialty Cheese Shop Edam