Planning a visit

Visiting the Henri Willig cheese farms is included in the schedules of most tour operators. The popularity of this attraction is undoubtedly due to the typical Dutch character of cheese-making and the authentic setting of the farms and scenery.

The free admission and the convenient 20-minute distance from Amsterdam are also interesting factors for tour operators. A large part of our guests travel alone or with their families. Small groups of visitors are also guaranteed a warm, personal reception and professional demonstration. Booking your visit is not necessary. The Henri Willig cheese farms are open seven days a week.

Our cheesefarms

Alida Hoeve

Jacobs Hoeve

Catharina Hoeve

Our cheese shops

Cheese Shop Westermarkt

Henri Willig Singel - Cheese shop & museum

Henri Willig Delft

Henri Willig shop & lunchroom Warmoes

The Kaaskelder

Amsterdams Kaashuis

Kaaswaag Edam

Specialty Cheese Shop Edam